Honorary Doctorates and its Validity

After I have been posting announcements on award of Honorary Doctorate I have been receiving a number of inquiries and also clarifications I thought it is better to clarify a few points as simple as possible,brief with clarity in a question answer method.

I have posted the updates only as the International Director of the University of Swahili,Panama.I hold the post of Chancellor in Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University purely as honorary and without any remuneration. Kalam's University do not award any honorary doctorates.

1.What are Honorary Doctorates ?

An honorary doctorate is a high-level academic recognition granted by a university to a recipient without completion of the normal requirements for that degree. Schools grant them to honor the recipient, while also benefiting the university by association. Recipients sometimes have no relationship with the school, no prior degrees, and no formal higher education; though on occasion they might already have substantial education and other doctorates.

2.What is the difference between a regular and Honorary Doctorate ?

A regular degree, you can use for academic improvement like joining a higher course Doctor of Letters (D. Litt)

An Honorary Doctor is a status symbol it can not be used for promotion,increment etc.

3.Can I use the the title "Dr" before my name is it legal ?

Yes,it is fully legal through out the world,it can be even apostilled as any regular degree(Attested by a notary public appointed by an government).

You have to use the title as follows for example Dr.Edward PhD(hc)

"hc " stands for Honoris Causa means for the sake of honor.

4.For award of an Honorary Doctorate is the university be recognized by the government of any country?

Sure,then only it will be legal(University of Swahili,Panama is a Chartered University which is verifiable in the public registry of the Government of Panama online.


UNIVERSITY OF SWAHILI FOUNDATION is chartered with the Public Registry of Government of Panama under Article 37 of Panama Foundation law 25 of 1995 (June 12th, 1995-as per Official Gazette No.22,804 of June 14th,1995). The University of Swahili Foundation is empowered to award credentials as per article 8 of the charter of the foundation. Government of panama public registry Folio No.25025694.

5.Can the University issue Degrees?

The University of Swahili an online research university can very well issue both regular and Honorary Doctorates by virtue of its charter approved and signed by the authorities of public registry,Government of Panama.

6.Is the University having a physical campus ?

It is not mandatory to have a physical campus for online universities but UOSF is having a government registered office in Panama.It can be managed from any part of the world.At present the university is managed by the board of trustees of IIRM,India with local natives of Panama as per government rules of panama.The university will shortly start the procurement of land and construction of buildings with your well wishes. However if you insist for a physical campus IIRM the promoters backed by 30 years of research experience is having a campus and it's accounts are physically verified as per RBI guidelines by bank official and all recognition verified by higher officials of two level.

Note: Today IIRM is having MOU with eminent universities like Harvard,USA which itself illustrates the credibility of the IIRM.

UOSF students are eligible for credit transfer to any universities with which IIRM is having an MOU.

7.Can I verify the government registration documents of UOSF physically ?

Sure,although there is a restriction by government of panama regarding this and a penalization of up to 50,000 $ for sharing this information, you can physically verify it at our office(IIRM,India,sharing through electronic media is strictly prohibited in view of misuse by miscreants)

8.Is this university real or a degree mill ?

It is real, it is having an agreement with DELNET Government of India for an online library which is for use by research scholars free of cost.

It is real as it do not award research degrees without online examinations,Thesis evaluation,Viva examination.

9.Why this university grants Honorary Doctorates?

To raise funds for payment of licence fees to the government,to cover maintenance expenses as almost everything is offered free to deserving students and to cover research development expenses the details of which are given in the university website.

10.Is it necessary to pay a processing charge for the university for award of Honorary Doctorate?

Yes , this is to cover the expenses of a public function and wide press coverage for the awardees.

11.Can I contact any previous awardees for reference ?

You know well many awardees do not prefer self publicity and prefer to keep this confidential and persona.However you can visit UOSF website for information on awardees/ YouTube for award function video.Most of the awardees has received their awards from the hands of VVIP like State Ministers of Government.

Further many higher officials from the police department,Heads of the Ministry Members of Royal Family has received this award which shows it's credibility which is already verified by officials.

A minister of a state will not award a fake degree/degree mill certificate in a public function before the media.

12.In the UOSF recognized by UGC Government of India?

As a matter of fact, the University Grants Commission is a funding agency and it do not have control over International Universities. In India foreign degrees are evaluated by the Association of Indian Universities but they are not evaluating PhD level International University degrees at present.

There are 3 types of universities in Panama as per Government Records.

Government Universities

Private Universities

Foundation Universities (36 both Online and Regular are existing at present as per Government of Panama records.)

UOSF is a foundation university.

Website - www.uosf-edu.org

To apply contact:


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