Process Involved Ph.D / D.Lit


A doctorate is the highest degree conferred upon a person. You can apply or be nominated for an honorary degree from a university or college without spending tuition or years in the classroom.

How to Get an Honorary Doctorate PhD/D.Lit

Step 1

Prepare your resume.You should also include any samples of your published work or honors you have received.

Step 2

Ask reputable sources to write letters of reference for you. 

Step 3

Decide which doctorate degree you feel your most accurately depicts your personal and professional accomplishments. 

Step 4

Larger, well-known universities are more difficult to obtain nominations and degrees from, since those degrees are usually given to highly accomplished individuals such as former presidents, authors, and humanitarians.

Step 5

Another option is to apply for an honorary degree through a program such as we recommend.Online Honorary Degree or any others. 

Step 6

Contact us directly for information about the application process and requirements, including the processing charges.

Step 7

Fill out an application, or in some cases, ask a reference to fill out a nomination form for you. Wait for your approval or rejection letter from the university or program.Our Honorary Doctorates are already awarded to many VVIP's including members of Royal Family,Government higher officials.


Important Note ;


Kindly go through this site to fully understand the various recognition  for the degree before applying.Nomination is based on pure merit only.

Honorary Doctorate