To be used abroad a document on education, academic degree or title must bear an “Apostille” stamp. An Apostille is an international standard form for the data confirming that the document is legal and can be used in countries accepting this legalization form. Only original copies of government-issued education certificates may bear an Apostille stamp. The Apostille stamp certifies that a signature is genuine, a signee of a confirmed document has the right to sign it, a seal on a document is genuine and that a document was issued to the person specified in the education certificate as to its holder. The apostille is required when foreign graduates of universities go abroad and present educat

Notarization/Apostille of your Honorary Doctorate

Notarization/Apostille of your Honorary Doctorates A notarization is verification that a document and the signature attached to it are authentic. Honorary Doctorates are official documents; a notarization is an additional security measure. If a third party requires a notarization, they will tell you. The Notary Public appointed for the purpose by any government is the only person who can notarize these documents. The Office of the notary will perform an acknowledgment unless you specify that you would like a jurat. An acknowledgment is the most commonly requested type of notarization. If a third party asks you to provide a notarized copy of your honorary doctorate or asks that your original

Honorary Doctoral Degrees
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