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Discover the Rewards of a University Honorary Doctorate


Honorary Doctorates


An honorary doctorate is a high-level academic recognition granted by a university to a recipient without completion of the normal requirements for that degree.


Real or Degree Mill


It is real,this is an Indo - American University duly recognized in the country of origin and fully accredited by a international accrediting organization.


Difference between a regular and Honorary Doctorates
A regular degree, you can use for academic improvement.

An Honorary Doctor is a status symbol it can not be used for promotion,increment etc.



Selection based on merit


The university which grants this honorary doctorate never sell any degrees they are having many regular students who complete their course of duration three years.


Legal use of the title "Dr".


Yes,it is fully legal through out the world,it can be even apostilled as any regular degree(Attested by a notary public appointed by any government).


Genuineness of the degree


A minister of a state will not award a fake degree/degree mill certificate in a public function before the media.All degrees are legalized by government authorities with sign and seal.